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Data Showing incorrectly - 3 Phase Grid, 3 Phase PV (Enphase), 1 Phase ESS (MultiPlus-II)

We are using two ET340 Meters, one for the incoming Grid and one for the PV.

The calculations of AC Loads and Critical Loads are very obviously wrong.

Basic Drawing:


Tests Done:

With no PV


With just L1 Enphase inverters on:


With all 3 phases on:


If we change the Meter programming to AC Input (intentionally wrong but just testing):



Incorrect load showing on critical (as expected because the PV is physically on the AC output.)

It seems that the loads are being calculated wrong. L2 and L3 are showing critical load when there is no MultiPlus on there phases and the total calculated plus the grid export is higher than the Production by nearly double.

Try turning “Inverter AC output in use” which removed the Critical load calculation and the AC Load calculation still reads wrong values.



Anything else we can try?

ESSEnergy Metererror3 phase
1652397371323.png (57.1 KiB)
1652397371363.png (58.8 KiB)
1652397371399.png (24.6 KiB)
1652397371287.png (57.2 KiB)
1652397371436.png (46.6 KiB)
1652397371467.png (37.8 KiB)
1652397371498.png (42.9 KiB)
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shaneyake answered ·

From what I can tell from your diagram, You have L1 on inverter output and L2 and L3 on inverter input essically as you don't have inverters on those phases.

Your PV meter can't be split, it is all on AC out or all on AC in. If you want correct readings you will need to wire L1 PV to Inverter input or install a separate ET112 for the PV on L1.

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Ben Stanton avatar image Ben Stanton commented ·
Ok, that is very interesting. Just to clarify: are you saying we should use 3 x ET112 Meters for the 3 phases of the Enphase Solar and assign the L1 to AC Out and L2 & 3 to AC IN?
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shaneyake avatar image shaneyake Ben Stanton commented ·

Basically but you can use one ET112 and a ET340.
The ET112 on your inverter output PV and ET340 on the rest of the PV just leave the L1 output not connected.
Then set ET112 to AC OUT and ET340 to AC IN.

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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) avatar image Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) ♦♦ shaneyake commented ·

@Ben Stanton above is the correct answer for the dashboard / console.

This is not a situation we see often, usually there is a 3 phase PV inverter and than it does not make sense to put that on the output of the inverter, as the PV inverter wouldn't work anyway when the grid is not available.

the energy counters (to/from grid) can be looked at if the PV metering situation is corrected. (if needed)

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Ben Stanton avatar image Ben Stanton Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) ♦♦ commented ·

Thanks @Daniël Boekel and @shaneyake - we will try this and see how it works out. Appreciate your input!

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