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Consumption on non-backup phases under critical loads


I have a system installed as per below:


The issue that is occuring is that the AC loads in L2 / L3 are showing up in the critical load display and my PV inverter shows as just one figure where it used to show per phase. This occurs during the day when there is PV being generated.

At night time, it appears to display correctly as per the below screenshots:



My ess settings are as follows for the site:


And my energy meter settings are



I would like to know if it possible to correct this with the current setup on site?

ESSEnergy Meter
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1617127381489.png (131.1 KiB)
1617127446729.png (42.3 KiB)
1617127514758.png (28.6 KiB)
1617127518452.png (28.6 KiB)
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Warwick Bruce Chapman answered ·

You’re telling the system your three phase PV meter is on the output (critical loads) of the Quattro - but it is a single phase system.

If you moved the PV inverter on the red phase onto the input side and changed the position of the PV meter accordingly, I think the issue would go away.

I assume what you need to keep the current architecture is to be able to specify:

1. the position of grid meter relative to Quattro on that phase; but

2. then also specify a different position for the remaining phases, right?

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Matthew Walsh avatar image Matthew Walsh commented ·

Yes, but if we move the PV Inverter to the input we lose the solar in an off-grid state.

Ideally we would like to as you have stated in the settings specify those two points so that there is more flexibility and also correctly displayed and recorded data.

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