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Victron Phoenix Multi Charging but no Inverter

We are on a narrowboat and plugged into a shoreline with a battery bank. Our Victron 12/2500/120 is set to 'ON' and has been happily working for 6+ years. Earlier today we ran out of mains electric while some mains items were switched on (lights, digital radio). The invertor started making an angry buzzing noise (lights started flickering and digital radio made loud interference noises) and within a minute overheated (temp light came on) and then died.

The charger function still works, so we can still use mains via the shoreline and the battery bank is being charged (new batteries and voltage checked and fine) but we no longer have 24V if not plugged in. 12volt is all working fine.

Basically now if set to 'ON' it makes this buzzing noise (sounds like circuits fry and definitely not like the Victron's usual noises), the fan kicks in and then quickly Temp light comes on and then the unit died/switches itself off.

We've disconnected the battery bank but that didn't have any effect.

Any ideas?? We have checked all cables, connections and measured voltage to the Victron (fine) - odd that it's still charging but not inverting??

Any suggestion most welcome! Thanks.

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try turn off all AC loads that are connected to the Inverter/charger and then turn it on again, its sounds like you are overloading the unit.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. Tried that and no change. Spoken to a Victron dealer and sounds like due to age of inverter, it's probably not something that can be fixed. Now to decide whether to go for separates this time.
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