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VRM Alarms, Emails not working as expected.

Hi All,

I have 2 solar charge controllers and a Phoenix inverter Smart, all purchased new recently.

I would like VRM to email me when the charge controllers turn OFF, and when they change from Bulk/Absorption/Float.

I would also like to receive an email when the Inverter is switched ON or OFF.

This is how I have the Alarms set in VRM. I don't really understand why there are 2 sets of sliders, ie Absorption/Float/Off is listed twice.

I seem to receive an email when the chargers turn off, but never when the charger state changes from Bulk/Absorption/Float.

I also do not receive an email when the Inverter is switched on or off.


Here is the Inverter setting:

Have tried adding 2 seperate alarms, one for on/off and one for on/off/eco.


Can any one help please. Many thanks.

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