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HIGH DC RIPPLE - 3x Quattro 48/10000/140 - 56x US3000C Pylontech

Hello: System Description · Connection Type Grid Connect / Stand Alone · Voltage 440 Volts / 3 Phases / 4 Wires · Project Location - Cuautla Morelos Mexico. Equipment: · SFV - 80 Trina Solar Brand Panels of 505 Watts, distributed in 5 chains of 16 Panels each. · Smart Solar - 5 Units Model MPPT 250 / 100 Tr VE Can · DC Bus Bar - 5 Units Model lynx Power in 1000 · Victron Inverter - 3 units Model Quattro 48 Volts / 10000VA / 140 Amp · Cerbo GX 1 Unit. · Pylontech batteries - 56 units Model US3000C, grouped into 4 groups each with 14 batteries. · Ethernet Switch - Pylontech HUB 1 Unit. Use Case: The main function of the system is to power 24 extractors of 1 HP (750 Watts) 1.6 amp with an F.P. 0.71. Extractors always on 3 from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. On average, 12 extractors are switched on throughout the day for periods of up to 4 hours. These devices turn on by means of a thermostat calibrated at 30 ° C Background: System running smoothly for 7 months. Preliminary Testing/Equipment Review: · We checked voltage in the direct current terminals with the battery off to rule out current leakage. · Check fuses in the DC bus bar. · Review in DC and AC wiring. · Preventive maintenance to the exhaust fans to reduce the start peak. · Testing of RJ 485 Ethernet cabling between master and slave batteries. · Scanning with Battery View Software · Continuity and grounding tests of AC and DC wiring. Current Failure: After replacing these cards and configuring the system with the EV. Bus (Firmware V497) and the configuration of the ESS or the electrical parameters is the same as in the manuals of Victron or Pylontech, in the case of the Victron Connect you have the (Firmware V2.41). Recurrent alarms or failures: · When we do the process only of turning on and synchronizing the batteries we have an alarm in the VRM High discharge current sometimes with values of 0.0Amp. and others with values of -0.3 Amp. We delete the alarm and continue with the boot process. · Then we turn on inverters, switches of the 5 strings of solar panels and it gives us the alarm of High DC ripple. We delete the alarm and continue with the boot process. · We put the 3 or 7 extractors and take a load of 12 Amp with an instantaneous peak of up to 20 Amp. So the system continues to operate. · Sometimes we have up to 14 extractors on for 1 or 2 hours and it does not give problem or alarm, but sometimes during the operation High DC ripple alarms are presented and the system remains stable but if this alarm is repeated 3 times in a row in a period of 20 minutes the system turns off and gives the High Dc ripple fault accompanied by Inverter overload on L3. · When this happens the system is not reset since the current peak can reach up to 60 Amp. So we chose to turn off the system and turn on the extractors manually one by one. But the failure continues to present itself as if it were a cycle. Has anyone had this problem with DC Ripple? the system was working with the same parameters without this failure.

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