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Issues with multi RS /6000 and pylontech batteries

Hi Just wondering if anyone can answer this.

We are building a portable power station to be used for humanitarian Aid , We have been testing prototype with a Multi 2 5000/48 , MPPT, and cerbo as the interface. I have recently got in a multi RS as the idea of some weight shaving ,makes sense for a portable carryable system.

The main issue we are having is the fact that for some reason the inverter will shut of ( digital off) as soon as you allow the inverter to disrspect the paramnets being sent to the GX via the pylontech BMS ( even if its onny by 1 amp )

This has never been a problem when using multiplus 1 or 2 in the exact same setup. It will respect BMS values providing there is another source avaliable and is able to respect them, but will give every thing its got while in island operation until the pylontech battery shuts off physically via its internal BMS.

Is there some way I can stop the RS shutting down as soon as it breaks the law. I have tried every setting i can think of but to no avail. Also i know its the paramenteers as i have combined multiple batterys to test different current limits and also set the batteriers up with no comms and ran as a "dumb battery" to confirm that it does indeed seem to be the paramentes sent from BMS that are shutting down the Multi rs via the cerbo, as it ran fine when no comms was connected between BMS and cerbo.

Also Im not trying to run ESS just tried EXT controll and keep batteries charged ( I though might help as i thought i mightignor the "off" command from BMS / cerbo) But that also dont not help.

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Hi @Adam

Thanks for posting this detailed report.

It has now been passed to the dev team and will be addressed in a future update.

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Not a problem Guy , thanks for looking into it.

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