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DVCC three phase, the solar chargers don´t have priority over the generator


according to Victron GX documentation with DVCC on, there should be given priority to the solar chargers. This is not working correctly in this setup:

GX 2.91; 3 phase Multiplus 5000 v.482, Smartshunt v.408, 3xSmartsolars v.159

DVCC is ON with Charge Current limited to 222A, all "senses" are shared and VE.Bus temp sensor chosen.

While the generator is ON and the battery not fully charged (bulk and beginning of absorption) the generator helps out on a high load on one phase. The other two phases charge the battery. This is not the expected behaviour as solar is available, the solar chargers are limited down to zero contribution. But according to the description solar should have charging priority.

Is there a solution, something we are missing out?

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Do you have ESS installed?

DVCC is a totally different mechanism.

If you lower your input current limit what happens?

How is phase compensation setup?

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Oliver avatar image Oliver Alexandra ♦ commented ·
No, this is Offgrid and Current Limitation needed
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Alexandra avatar image Alexandra ♦ Oliver commented ·
In DVCC if you limit the current there, it limits the entire system.

Set the charge current down in on the quattros instead. If you are concerned about overloading.

The input current limit also affects the charging as well. So setting it lower may help. Basically a bunch of experimentation to suit your setup will help.

If you read the DVCC manual linked above you will see since you dont have can managed batteries the mppts will use their own charge algorithm and the quattros will use their own one.

So if you are above float that is likely the reason they have stopped and need to have rebulk triggered to start up again as far as I understand.

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Is the bmv set as the system battery monitor?
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Oliver avatar image Oliver Alexandra ♦ commented ·
Yes, BMV is the system monitor.

I will try lowering the VE.Bus set points which are 0.3V higher than the PV chargers.

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