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MPPT smart solar not going into absorption

Hi, I have on off-grid system with 3x Pylontech US2000C batteries, Multiplus II GX 48/5000/70 and MPPT smart solar 250/100.

When I initially set up the system I hadn't changed the charging limits advised by Victron ie absorption 52V, float 51V through the VictronConnect App but had set the limits via the VE configure software Charger Settings tab.

I was getting high voltage alarms but the MPPT was going into absorption and float, and recording as such on the VictronConnect App.

I have since updated the settings in the VictronConnect app which has stopped the high voltage alarms but the MPPT now never goes into absorption or float.

Is this a problem and if so, how do I fix it?

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When setting the charging values in the VE COnfigure TAB you only set the charging values on the inverter which can only charge the battery when AC coupeled or has AC grid feed.

by using victron connect you can set the charging voltages on the MPPT to a suitable value.

when you did this you prevented the overvoltage charge settings on the batteires because actually now you are charging the batteries at the correct voltage.

make sure your absorption and float values are corectly entered as per VICTRON - Pylontech suggested values.

Hope this helped

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Thanks Willem, if I understood correctly:

VE Configure has allowed me to set the charge value in the multiplus. These are set to absorption 52V, float 51V which is as per Victron Pylontech recommendation (I confirmed this last night)

Victron Connect has allowed me to set the charge values in the MPPT. I also have these set to 52V and 51v (screen shot below)

So why oh why are the batteries not going into absorption?

The 'MPPT state' widget on VRM Portal shows the MMPT as either Off or 'external control', never anything else...have I got an incorrect setting somewhere?


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