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Victron Phoenix 500VA 24-Volt - voltage unsteady/shutdown

Is it normal to see voltage swings on a 250W load for the Victron 24V 500VA inverter? its been swinging from 113v -125v and shuts off the inverter every 20 seconds or so. On the same load, my multiplus is holding 120V exactly.

Battery is at ~26V with lots of AH left (the multiplus can run full blast).

It is on the latest firmware and is connected to a Cerbo GX, 30A fuse, 8Gauge pure copper wire, connections are secure.

Any help is appreciated , otherwise its going back, its brand new from Victron dealer.

Phoenix Inverter
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Not normal.(definitely unusual though)

Send it back

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minisolar avatar image minisolar Alexandra ♦ commented ·
Sent it back. The new one has the same issue. Thinking it doesn't like certain load types... :( even within the specified range...

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Alistair Warburton avatar image Alistair Warburton commented ·
What is the load? if its inrush is approaching 900W then the inverter may be trying to start it multiple times before giving up.

The additional capacity of the multi may explain the discrepancy!

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minisolar avatar image minisolar Alistair Warburton commented ·
The load varies but is between 250-420Watts. It moves between normal and high but not into overload.

I swapped out the Phoenix and the new one has the same problem, thinking they don't like certain loads even though they are within the range and not peaking or spiking into overload....

Was sold on the Victron stuff because it was supposed to be higher quality but I have a cheap ecoflow river that will run the same load and it doesn't have 1/10th of the battery storage available at its disposal.

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Alistair Warburton avatar image Alistair Warburton minisolar commented ·
What is the load?? As in what equipment do you have connected. Check all your loads individually to find out which one is causing the problem.

Some LED's have very bad power factor and or very high inrush currents. This is such a problem that MCB manufacturers have had to produce a new overload class to handle it in some domestic situations.

You might also want to try all the loads on a grid supply to check the power factor. A plug in energy meter is a good way to do this.

at 400W a poor power factor could easily take you well above the maximum current the inverter can support.

You may also find that one of your loads is doing bad things to the waveform, introducing noise that the inverter cant handle.

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