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Fischer Panda page not showing


I have a problem. I have a new i10000 genset, confirmed with latest firmware CerboGX is running 2.9 and i followed this link verbatim to wire up the genset.

Im my devices list i clearly see a 'Fischer Panda Genset' and we're receiving data on the GX for temperature etc etc.

I should have a new page, both on the GX display and on the HTTP MFD interface, but i don't. It's like venusos has not seen it as an FP genset and therefore isn't displaying the page, not attempting commands over the ve.can to the fp.can.

Can anyone help please?

Venus OSGeneratorVE.Can
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Trevor Bird avatar image Trevor Bird commented · Is the MFD connected by a NMEA2000 bus or is it connected to the CerboGX by ethernet? If it is connected by NMEA2000 it has little to do with the CerboGX but if it is connected by Ethernet the interface is via the CerboGx. It is a good sign the FP is seen by the CerboGx. At least you now the interface between the FP and the VE.CAN is working. I assume you have turned on the auto generator start menu?

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Hi Trevor, thanks for the reply.

Ok, so I've figured this out and tbh it's a little frustrating. My CerboGX is connected to the MFD by ethernet (so i get the Victron microsite) and also by N2K interface. That's all working fine and achieved my goal of being able to see the tanks on the victron display and the battery SOG on the MFD (all via N2K). It also gave me control of the victron from the MFD via the microsite. Win!

My next project was to wire the Fischer Panda. I wanted to do this so i could have the genset automatically stop when the SOG reached 95% or so. The FP is lovely and quiet, but this means you forget you've put it on and i found myself running it for many more hours than necessary after the battery was fully charged simply because i forgot it was on.

Now to the problem and solution. Unfortunatley that article from FP talks all about autostart (which is the function i need - autostop!). However, it's the article that's the problem. It suggests the FP.can to VE.can is going to do this for you... it's not. All this does is gives you stats on the VE.can. It's an expensive box.

It talks about autostart in the article, but this has NOTHING to do with the interface box. Autostart is achieved simply by wiring Relay1 on the CerboGX to pins 6&7 on the back of the icontrol panel. Zero cost involved. Although the article talks all about autostart, it fails to mention this required cable and the fact that's all you need.

Anyway, all is working well now and i've got myself a whole load of FP stats on the Cerbo save me a short trip down the stairs should i get curious about the temperature sensors! Maybe one day i can find a way to put them to good use, and welcome to suggestions. I think the FP interface unit is more aimed for superyachts that have custom integrations! For sure one day when i sell the boat I can at least say 'superyacht instrumentation' now :-)

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