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NMEA2000 GPS not showing Lat/Long



I am currently running VenusOS Large 2.90 on my raspberry pi 3 with a PiCAN-M Hat. I am receiving all the NMEA2000 (canbus) data I want through my pican hat, except specifically Lat/Long from my NMEA2000 connected GPS receiver. From the Screenshots, you can see I am receiving Speed & Course data from the device, and it even says "GPS OK (fix). Even the title bar on top has the gps pinpoint icon next to my wifi icon. So obviously there's data coming through, but my Lat/Long are always dashes. There is no location data being shared with my VRM portal, which is the whole goal here. My NMEA2000 GPS is a Furuno GP-33.

Are there certain sentences/pgn's that Venus does not recognize?

Raspberry PiVE.CanNMEA 2000 - N2Kgps
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@llindsay How did you set up pi 3 with the PiCAN-M hat to be working in VenusOS?
I am struggling to get nmea2000 data visible in e.g. SignalK

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Hey there. Sorry for the delay in responding. Out cruising on my boat and don't normally have internet.

Anyway, I'm no guru and it did take me quite a bit of time to get it to work. I used kwindrem's setup helper & ve.can setup package from his github. However, I realized after seeing my config.txt file after running the ve.can setup package, then comparing it with what the pican-m manual says should be added to that file... they were just a little off.

I'm sorry I am not able to tell you more specifically what it was I changed, i honestly cant remember, and cannot look it up right now. but the pican-m .pdf manual helped me get there. I hope this helps a little. Would love to know if you get it working yourself.

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@PierreSmits here is what my /u- boot/config.txt file looks like. I hope this helps.


















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