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Phoenix 12/250 inverter grounding for campervan/RV


I am installing a Phoenix 12/250 ve direct inverter into a 1975 VW camper.

My question is where to connect the grounding terminal on the inverter? Should this just be connected to the vehicle chassis close to the inverter to ground it?

The leisure system is 2 x 200aH 6v batteries wired in series supplied from a CTEK ds250AS. The CTEK is fed from the alternator and a 100w solar panel.


Phoenix Inverter
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The answer may be dictated by relevant standard and/or legislation in your area. If you can provide your location someone may be able to chime in.

Also is your camper negative or positive chassis?

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Hi Kai. I'm in the UK.

The camper is a negative chassis.

To update the info, there is a separate 'shore' power connection - this is a double pole consumer unit fitted with a 16a plug for hook up at campsites. Other than being earthed to the chassis, the 240 shore power is completely separate - it feeds a ctek battery charger in the engine bay and a single 240v socket inside the camper and nothing else.

Many thanks


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Well, in the absence of specific advice in the UK, I would be inclined to ground the case to the chassis - because

1) the 12/250 manual says to connect inverter chassis to ground (which in this case the camper chassis is the closest while not on grid power).

2) The existing grid power connection earths to chassis.

3) Floating systems are rare in residential applications. As a principle, better to blow a breaker and stop rather than risk a live surface.

Caveat emptor also applies to free advice!

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Thanks Kai. This is what we concluded. The doubt arose because of a couple of installation pictures on the web showing no ground connection to the vehicle chassis.



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