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SmartShunt 500A/50mV “No Devices Found”

image.jpgI installed this device inside my battery box for a travel trailer. The battery is a RENOGY RBT100LFP12S 100A Lithium battery.

These were installed together in late June 2022. Everything connected and worked at the time. Late August I noticed the app no longer had the device or any device listed.

It was still in my Bluetooth list. I tried to connect and it did not work. I deleted it from the list. I restarted my phone. I deleted and then added the VictronConnect App back to my phone.

I then disconnected all the wires from the SnartShunt and waiting a while and reconnected everything. The App still cannot find the device.

I am at a loss. This device was not cheap. It worked for only a month or so. Really would like some help and or advice to get it working again.

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