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Firmware Update Lynx Ion BMS an HE Batteries

This is not a question, but information.

I recently updated my Lynx Ion BMS firmware from 2.14 to 2.16 using a Victron CanUSB interface and the Lynx Ion BMS Tool 2.16. I ran into an issue, and workaround, that I wanted to share with the Community.

I tapped into the CanBus at the last battery on the bus instead of directly at the BMS. I think this may have caused the issue. The Lynx Ion BMS Tool Manual is ambiguous as to where you should tap into the bus.

In Section 1.1 of the manual it says:

"The Lynx Ion BMS tool has to be used in combination with a CAN to USB interface. Supported are the Victron Energy CANUSB interface, Kvaser, PEAK-System PCAN-USB and the MG USB CAN interface.

1. Connect the CAN to USB interface to the BMS CAN-Bus of the Lynx Ion BMS."

I think #1 should be changed to:
"1. For Firmware updates the CAN to USB interface MUST be connected directly to the BMS CAN-Bus at the Lynx Ion BMS."

In Section 2 it says:

"For changing settings of the Lynx Ion BMS it is required to have a fully operating system connected to the PC/laptop by a USBCAN Interface. The software is only supported by windows 7 or 10 operating systems. The USB CAN interface has to be connected to the Battery CAN-bus. This can be done somewhere at the batteries or directly to the Lynx Ion BMS. On the Lynx Ion BMS it is one of the two left side CAN RJ45 connectors."

Here is what happened:

1. I connected the CANUSB interface to my computer, ran the Tool software, and the Firmware update started.
2. It seemed to be taking a long time and eventually the BMS and batteries shutdown. The software still showed the update as progressing.
3. Since the "ON" light on the BMS was off, I pushed the "ON" button and the system came back on and the Firmware update successfully completed.

The suspected cause:

1. This BMS firmware update also contained updates for the battery's firmware.
2. Since I was connected to the bus at the batteries, when their firmware update was attempted it shutdown the CanBus communication to my computer.
3. When I reinitialized the system, communication was restored and the firmware update successfully completed.

Just wanted to share this information.


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Am I correct in my suspected cause?



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Hi Pat,

First of all thanks for looking at the manual in detail, this is appreciated.

The problem you have experienced was not related to where you were connected on the CAN-bus network. As shown in the image below, multiple devices can be connected to the "Main" CAN-bus. The batteries and Lynx Ion BMS have 2 RJ-45 CAN connectios, this is because its easy to connect instead of connecting wires to the main "bus" cable (this is done inside the devices). It dosnt mather where what device is located (Lynx Ion BMS, battery and or USB-CAN tranceiver), as long there is a terminator at both ends of the CANbus.

Main problem:
The Lynx Ion BMS tool already go's in fault when the update of the Lynx Ion BMS starts. There is a bug in the tool and this fault is not displayed. The Lynx Ion BMS is at this moment already in its bootloader mode and already removed the previously firmware. It is waiting on new firmware, but the tool is not going to give it because it had a failt. After 10 minutes the Lynx Ion BMS will shutdown to not drain the batteries.

When you start the Lynx Ion BMS again, it is sending CAN messages that activates the Lynx Ion BMS tool again. The tool will detect that there is no firmware availble in the Lynx Ion BMS and will ask again if you want to update it.

When the update starts you should almost directly see the progress bar moving, as shown in the picture below. If it is not, shutdown the tool and restart it. It will automatically ask again if you want to update because there is no firmware present anymore in the Lynx Ion BMS.

Its a problem that occurs randomly and at the moment I cannot reproduce it. Think that I will modify the Updating firmware screen with a percentage in text above the progress bar.

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Thanks for the info. Glad to have a HE/Lynx Ion BMS expert on the forum.


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wilcop85 avatar image wilcop85 Pat Davitt commented ·

I am "the" Lynx Ion BMS, "the" HE battery, "the" tools and also "the" Lynx Ion + shunt :). When you @ me I will see the mail and try to respond, otherwise I am not here.

I am glad that I can help where needed!

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Paul B answered ·

Hi Pat, Thanks for that detailed Info

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