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2x Multiplus II 5000/48 split phase 230v in 3 phase


I've been running a single Multiplus II 48/5000 for over a year. I live in Denmark and have 3 phases + Neutral in my home.

So i wanted to add a second Multiplus, for L2 to be able to produce more power, since i have 15 KwH on the roof.

Ive configured them as split phase with 120 degrees angle, however the inverters are just in "inverting" mode, and doesnt kick in to absorb, and feed in power from my battery. When i lool in VRM i can see that "Active AC input" is disconnected. I can also see that i have 230V on L1 and 233V on L2, and on AC-OUT L1 and AC-OUT L2 is at 230V 49,9 HZ.

I really cant seem to figure out, why Active AC input is dicsonnected.

Can someone help?

Multiplus-II3 phasesplit phase
2 |3000

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