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Smart BMS 12/200 and Xantrex 3000 XC Pro?


I have a small RV so very limited space. I have a Xantrex 3000 XC Pro Inverter/Charger because I don't have enough space for a Victron Inverter. I also have solar and a Victron 50 amp MPPT controller (also Victron Venus and BMV).

I am considering 2-3 Victron 200 ah batteries because they are also quite small. And a Smart BMS 12/200.

I would be connecting the alternator to the alternator terminal (I can get rid of my DC-DC charger). The solar and load I can connect to the System managed bolt.

That leaves the Xantrex. Inrush current on startup is MUCH less than Victron Inverter but still way more than the BMS 12/200 will handle, so I am proposing to wire the Xantrex directly to the batteries and then use the BMS charge/load disable terminals so it can signal the Xantrex when to disconnect loads or charger if needed,

Is that a viable solution? Has anyone done this? It bothers me a little because if the Xantrex and Victron miss-communicate a cutoff situation I could fry $6,000 of batteries.

But it should work fine I believe.

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Hi, I have a similar set up in mind with a Quattro 5000. Using the load / charge disconnect wires is the recommended set up in the Victron smart bms 12/200 manual for inverter charger 3000 W or more. The inrush current generated by capacitors on the dc input of these inverters is just too high for most contactors, and the only other alternative would be to precharge the capacitors. Having the same concern as you ,however, I will also use a BMV-712 with temperature and voltage sensor and alarm. A correct charge curve on your Xantrex will also help. But only the bms will be able to monitor voltage at cell level.Hope this helps.

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