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Victron Phoenix 24/500 230V 400W VE.Direct - below specs or broken?

I have bought a Victron Phoenix 24/500 and during testing stage, I found that its performance is lower than specified. So far I have observed the following:

1) Idle load 10-11W > 6.5W from specs.

2) Measured efficiency is peaking at 87% using loads with power factor of 0.85-0.9, instead of 90% as specified.

3) Inverter entered what appears to be overload protection when connected a hairdryer with a measured power of 335W (<400 specified) and a power factor of 0.9, however it was able to sustain a 400W load composed of 100W electronics and a 300W lamp, having a power factor that was again ~0.9.

4) Not able to power the starting phase of a refrigerator compressor which has a continuous power requirements of 60 to 80W and a peak during startup of ~500-700W.

I understand that first 2 points could have their root in incorrect datasheets, case in which a correct one would be appreciated. Honestly, if a producer writes 6.5W idle power and I measure 10, I am wondering what else is not true in the datasheet. However points 3 & 4 look to be some issues, specially 3 . Any advice? or there are some overly aggressive protections built in?

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