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Cerbo GX Communications Slowly Failing

I have a Cerbo GX that has been running well for over four months. I run a custom ESS Mode 2 ModBus program on a separate Raspberry Pi computer to communicate with the Cerbo. Once every minute, the program opens TCP communications to the Cerbo, gets currents stats, updates the inverter power limit if needed, then closes the communications. My program creates a log file during each iteration.

Within the recent past, a few days to a couple weeks, there have been increasing communications errors with the Cerbo; error code 2 "connect error" and code 5 "recv timeout". These have been present since the start, so I programmed in a "pause then retry" loop that eventually succeeds in reestablishing communications. But there has been a significant increase in these error periods that have progressed from two or three per day to two or three per hour! I do NOT think this is a hardware problem because I'm able to "ping" the Cerbo successfully while the error is occurring but I am not able to establish a remote console connection.

Then yesterday, Bluetooth on the Cerbo just turned itself off. I did a soft reboot from the console and Bluetooth remained off. I ended up having to cold boot by removing power to get Bluetooth back on. I'll add the Cerbo is installed in a temperature-controlled environment with steady temps right around 70°F.

Any ideas, comments, or suggestions?



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Need to update and say that this has been resolved. I added the ability to hardwire the Cerbo into a new Ethernet switch and the communication errors have completely ceased. According to the Cerbo, the WiFi signal is medium strength, but apparently is not strong enough for 100% error-free communications. But now, running over a Cat6 Ethernet cable instead of WiFi, the Cerbo and my Raspberry Pi custom ESS control program connecting to it are completely error-free.
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