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Multiplus Assistant Logic

I hope someone can point me in the right direction regarding logic of MultiPlus Assistants.

I understand that when multiple things exist in a rule they use logic AND to deice, so if two checks exists then both are required. So for example if a rule has

  • load lower than 2000w
  • AC1 not available

For that rule to match both need to be true.

When multiple rules exists it is an OR so one needs to be true to enable/disable a relay. Further on has precedence over off.

This is my understanding from

Combining multiple Assistants

Multiple Assistants can be used in one unit. For example the Programmable Relay is often used multiple times. When doing so; this is how they are evaluated:

- an ON condition always has priority over an OFF condition - multi criteria in the ON ( or OFF ) list go by the OR principle

So when you look at my system... Rule 4, I am drawing less than 3000w and AC1 is available and AUX Input 1 is closed so my AC2 out relay should be on, it is not.

If I look at the office conditions.

Rule 6: Load Higher than 3200w (False) and AC1 available (TRUE)

Rule 7: Load lower than 2000w (False) and AC1 not available (TRUE)

Rule 8: AC1 not available (FALSE) and SOC Lower than 95% (TRUE)

Rule 9 Aux Input 1 is open (FALSE)

So if all conditions in a rule must be TRUE then I do not see how my AC2 output is off.

So my first question is how do multiple rules in a single assistant get processed, is it based on all criteria must be TRUE?

What I am trying to do is disable AC2 out depending on the load on AC1, and vary that depending on if AC1 is available or not. Therefore when running on battery the off load is less than when connected to mains.

Thanks in advance.


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