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Quattro 3k firmware update failure


I tried to update my Quattro but the process failed. I have tried several options and no success so far and need to help to get back on track.

The equipment:

- Quattro 12|3000|120, PCB version 010021-4, original FW 1931119

- UTP cable of 1 meter

- UTP cable of 2 meter

- MK2 (I don’t have an MK3)

- Windows 10 DELL notebook with latest VE toolset

- Windows 7 desktop with latest VE toolset

What I did:

1) I downloaded the firmware from the professional Victron site. I have now two files: 1931159.vff and 1931209.vff

2) I stated VE-Firmware on my notebook and followed the instructions. I selected the 1931159 firmware without the assistant support.

3) I made sure that the dip switches were set ok (DS1-off, DS2-on)

4) At first the boot-loader was updated. This went apparently well, as subsequently the firmware was updated.

5) The update failed during the postprocessing phase (a windows pops up labeled: updating / post processing and shows a progress bar. The progress bar stops at about 80%.

6) A “General Failure” is reported and I can only click “OK”, after which the application is terminated.

7) I repeated the process, with hopes that a second time the update would be successful. The bootloader was not updated this time. The general failure appeared at the same moment.

I have recorded the process, see movie at:

8) For a second try I used a desktop with Windows 7. I also downloaded the firmware again from the professional Victron site. The process of updating and failing is identical to the notebook process.

9) I now tried it again with the 1931209 (with assistant support) version of the firmware. Same result.

10) Next, used a longer cable, no result again.

I now have an unusable Quattro with 8 flashing LEDs. My questions:

a) What to do? How can I make the update work?

b) What happens at about 80% of the postprocessing phase? Is this a CRC check for example?

c) What is exactly going on? A “General Error” is not providing my any guideline to resolve the situation. Is there a log file, or can I enable generating one?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Many thanks for the suggestion to use the older version of VEFlash (90.05.150). This did the trick. Update went smooth now. System is up and running again.

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Hello All

A new version of VE.Flash which fixes the firmware updating issues has just been released.

Allow your VE.Flash software to Auto-update to receive the latest version.

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