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Wrong voltage reading SmartSolar 250/60

c6ff3a65-9290-43c0-9cfa-d111ed86f4c5.jpegHello, I just bought the SmartSolar 250/60 and I observe that the voltage on app is too different than the multimeter measurement.

As you can see in screenshot (taken at night), the controller reads 25.79V on battery and the multimeter 30.12V (measured on the controller’s screws and on batteries).

There is also a big difference on panel’s voltage, for example in the afternoon was ~110V on app and ~125 on multimeter (don’t have a screenshot right now).

My system runs on 24V (2*12V 200Ah batteries), with 3 PVs in series (Bifacial Luxor 540W). No fuses between batteries and controller.

Is there any malfunction on controller?

Thanks in advance.

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@AdamB Could the multimeter have a flat battery? That rest voltage for the batteries is way too high to be realistic. I mention the meter battery because my fluke meter recently was reading high and it was because the 9v battery was flat.

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Oh, I hadn’t thought of that just because my fluke was always right. But maybe this is the reason because this voltage is unrealistic.

I’m gonna check it tomorrow.

Thank you @Trevor Bird!

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Trevor Bird avatar image Trevor Bird adamb commented ·
@AdamB ….was it the battery?
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adamb avatar image adamb Trevor Bird commented ·

Sorry for the delay…yes, after the change everything work perfect!

Thank you!

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