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Carlo Gavazzi EM111 feed-in feedback loop


I recently installed an EM111 Carlo Gavazzi meter to monitor my grid connection point to limit my grid feed-in.

To make the meter work, I had to change the meter parameter "Measure" to "b", such that reverse power flow would read as -ve and forward as +ve. When set up like this, the Victron system works perfectly.

However, after a couple days, I am finding this "Measure" parameter changes itself back to mode "a". When it does this, all power, even feeding-in to the grid, is labelled as a +ve power flow. The Victron sees energy being consumed, and then raises it's feedback to combat it. The system is actually feeding in this power, so this results in a positive feedback loop until the Victron maxes out.

Would Victron be resetting this parameter via the modbus RTU? I have seen no indication in the EM111's manuals that they would self-reset, so I am at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My system is as follows:


Quattro 10KVa

EM111 connected to RS485-USB adaptor in CCGX

2x 150/45 BlueSolar MPPTs

400Ah 48v Lithium CANBus Battery Set.

CCGX Color ControlEnergy Meterrs485
2 |3000

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