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BYD Losing comms to Color Control

Morning Gents

I am losing comms between my 2 x 2.5kWh BYD B box units. Installation is 3 years old and the issue started in January this year. Tried the following without success:

1. Swopping CCGX
2. Rolling back firmware
3. Changing comms cabling

What did however seem to work was replacing the CCGX with a Venus. Venus was in for 2/3 weeks without any comms failure however client does not want a Venus.

Below is screenshots when we lose comms.

Any help would be appreciated.


CCGX Color ControlBYD
1554881541299.png (399.2 KiB)
1554881781818.png (260.0 KiB)
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Does restarting the battery or BMU help, or change anything?

Does restarting the CCGX help or change anything?

How long is the distance between the BMU and the CCGX?

What is the firmware version of the BMU and BYD modules?

What is the firmware version of the CCGX?

Can you connect to the BMU via the RS485 to USB adaptor and BYD technician software?

byd-service avatar image byd-service Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ ·

Being 3 years old I guess you're using the interim BMU software that was released before the official version. It might be worth updating to at least the first recommended version. As Guy asks, do you have a USB to RS485 adaptor?

Please see my reply to Guy's answers below.

janhkruger avatar image janhkruger Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) ♦♦ ·

Hi Guy

Yes, restarting the CCGX brings back comms.

Distance between ccgx and BMU is less than 1meter.

The last update we did was BMU V2_V4-14_18-Mar-2017

BYD firmware 3U-V8_LR_V4-2-4_31-May-2017

CCGX Firmware is 2.23

I do have the software but I do not currently have access to the site. I would need to go to site to access the modules.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi Janhkruger,

While I haven't seen this behaviour, the first recommendations in nearly all non-obvious cases is to get the BMU and battery units up to the current firmware version and see if this corrects the fault.

The firmware is available here:

Leo a BYD service agent has made videos of the firmware update procedure here:

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