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CCGX intermittently losing comms with BYD B-Box

Hi all

I've noticed recently, while running on batteries with load > PV input, ESS mode, grid on, that the system seems to lose comms with the batteries for a few seconds every now and then (a few times an hour). During this state, the system pulls the load directly from the grid (as I guess it thinks the batteries are flat/nonexistant). Then comms comes back and the system runs off the battery as expected (So I get regular spikes in my grid usage).

CCGX v2.40

MultiPlus 48/5000/70-100 firmware 433
BYD B-Box Pro v4.22

SmartSolar 250/60 v1.42

System is about 6 months old.

Cable from B-Box to CCGX is maybe 1.5m max.

This is relatively new behaviour...

CCGX Color ControlBYD
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Hi @Sinbad, this sounds very much like the issue introduced with the release of Venus OS version v2.40 last week. Which has been fixed in v2.41, released just now:

Thank you for reporting. Could you do me a favour, and confirm here that installing v2.41 fixes it for you?

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This sounds promising

Update done. I will monitor and provide feedback - thank you!

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Confirmed, batteries no longer disconnecting. Thanks! :D

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Super. So the change was a firmware update.:) Problem solving 101

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May I suggest you first search the forum as this or similar topic has been discussed before.

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I did see the link you posted before I asked this question. The one you refer to seems to imply that comms are lost permanently until you power cycle the CCGX (which is a different symptom to what I have) and it refers to very old firmware compared to what I am running.

I am hesitant to just apply firmware, in an attempt to resolve this, without expert opinion that this is indeed an issue with my particular versions.

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Please note, I do not consider myself an expert, only an enthusiast. Your approach then makes sense. The question is then, what has suddenly changed? For me it all starts with checking ALL the physical connections, which could show weakness under strain or when heating up or just maybe slipped without you noticing. Oxidation of connections can be an issue over time. I'd also try replacements if it is a simple RJ45 and you have a spare. If you already did this, then it is reboot and firmware update time. Personally I'd suspect the keep alive signal is lost or the battery bms could be playing up or a bad connection between battery and its bms. It could even be a bad connection between battery and the inverter, however the bms should be the source of truth, so unlikely but still worth checking.

So, like as with any problem solving, start at one end and work your way through it eliminating everything as you go along.

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