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VRM map - Globallink 520 - static unit relocates itself on VRM installations map - GPS fix?

Hi, got 12 static sites with Globallink 520 and MPPT 75/15 and for some strange reasons, 2 of the units keep on relocating their map location to another fixed location compared to where I save them in the map. It's only the same 2 units this happens with, to the same fixed common location, time and again. Must be a bug or something. Tried various ways to save the location, but no luck.

Any ideas?

I now see what happens.... every now and then, these 2 units seems to pick up a GPS location that's somehow put forward by the one of the LTE providers (Telia) I believe, so the Globallink sees it as a GPS fix.

It seems like these 2 Globallink units with VRM ID staring on 807d3a...... picking one (Telia) of two providers and this happens. Other Globallink units with VRM ID starting on 3c71bf....... using same provider (Telia) seems to be fine and don't do the GPS fix.

Once that happens, I noticed the widget in Advanced also display the GPS possibility...


None of the other 10 units display the GPS possibility under widgets.

Is there any way to tell the Globallink not to use that LTE position data, as its all wrong compared to actual location??

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Lasse answered ·

Hi, the GlobalLink 520 does not support GPS but does has the ability to identify the cell tower it is connected which we can locate with VRM. As soon as you set the location manually in VRM it should not update the location with the location of the cell tower. I will ask the dev team to have look at this specific installation.

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Øystein Hennø avatar image Øystein Hennø commented ·

Lasse, thanks for feedback, but it works opposite.

As soon as it receives a position from the cell tower, it overwrites the manually set position. So something is wrong here and very annoying.


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Any update from Victron? @Lasse or @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

The VRM portal still use the received location from tower over any manual set position.

Very annoying as location is wrong for a selected few sites, on the "All installation map" on the VRM dashboard. If you can swap the priorities around and it will override if a manual position is set, that would be great.

Try 807d3ac1dd2c as an example...

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Daniël van de Giessen avatar image Daniël van de Giessen ♦♦ Øystein Hennø commented ·

Sorry for the delay. Based on your report I identified and fixed a bug causing locations manually set by the user in VRM to be overwritten. I've rolled out the bugfix at 12:15 UTC+1 today, which should resolve this specific issue going forward. Please let me know if you are still experiencing problems with setting the location in VRM.

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Lasse avatar image Lasse ♦♦ Øystein Hennø commented ·
Thanks for the detailed report this should not happen and is a bug. It should stay on the manual set position. Should be a minor fix.
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cloudberry answered ·

I have exactly the same issue with my installation and Globallink. I set the correct location of the installation in VRM and it keeps jumping to what I assume based on above is the cell tower.. I am also struggling with random dropouts and resulting device reboots and seems location change after reboot.

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Lasse avatar image Lasse ♦♦ commented ·

I will check if the random reboots are causing this issue. Please note that we are aware of the random reboots in some cases and are working on a mayor update that should solve that problem.

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Øystein Hennø avatar image Øystein Hennø Lasse ♦♦ commented ·

@Lasse , ref your answer and also my reported case (URL below), what is the estimated timeline for this? This major update/fix has been mentioned several times in the past, but don't see any information about it, anywhere? Any rough frames?

Also see my comment about using RSSI as measurement reference vs RSRP and RSRQ. Would be great if this could be accommodated to be in line with the industry for such devices.

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