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Question re: VictronConnect data readings

I just installed the Victron MPPT 100/30 charge controller and a 100ah LiFePO4 battery. I've got 2x 100w roof-mounted solar panels, wired in parallel, on a small camper trailer. Yesterday in basically direct sunlight, the VictronConnect was showing the following readings coming from the 2x 100w solar panels:




My question is this - is the 14w number a reason for concern? Should it be higher? Or is it dependent on other factors like the charge mode (Bulk vs Float etc), the load(s) on the system at the time, or battery charge level?

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What Murraynated said.

Also important to make sure you’re feeding the 100/30 enough voltage.

If your bank is less than 16V or so you should be okay since it appears your panels are capable of putting out 20V. If your panels are a matched pair with similar shading conditions, you might want to consider wiring them in series so that you are instead feeding the 100/30 40V of input which it can use to provide up to 30A of current output which is probably a lot more than your panels can provide in parallel.

This might be especially helpful if you are running loads off the system which I imagine you are with a camping rig.

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The 14w reading could be perfectly normal depending on state of charge of the battery. If it is 100% charged, and you have no other loads connected that could be normal. In bulk mode, your charger would deliver maximum power. Try discharging the battery a bit, and then see what readings you get.

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