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Low Voltage Alarm goes off earlier and earlier

We have noticed that our voltage drops under 10 so the low voltage alarm goes off. This never happened 2 months ago, but now it is happening more and more. When this problem first occurred, it happened when the battery level was around 20%, but it is coming earlier and earlier. The two last times the low voltage alarm starts when the battery is at 31% , and the voltage seems to be low.

But why does this happen? and why is it coming earlier and earlier?

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Could be that you have a bad connection somewhere, that is progressively getting worse?

Could also be that your batteries are nearing the end of their useful life, and their capacity is dropping down?

Could also be that the battery Soc meter (BMV?) is not quite set up right, or that the battery has not recently been fully charged to the point that the batteries Soc and the measured Soc are synced.

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