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Voltage drop under medium load


I have multipluss 12/3000 connected to 2 x 230 Ah victron super cycle in parallel.

System is 3 weeks old. I suddenly noticed a voltage drop 2 weeks ago when someone was testing a vacuümcleaner on inverter. "Only" around 80 amps were drawn for few minutes and the voltage droppen until 11,89 Volts under load. Multipmus gave a short warning by red led status

Batteries were fully charged.

Totday again, batteries fully charged, a small test with watercooker and voltage droppen until 12,2 while taken 109 amps.

Is this normal? Batteries recover immediately after load stops.

Thanks in advance.

Please check date on image.

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@Piet Hein van Asselen

Yes voltage drop is normal under load. I cannot comment as to the Victron super cycle batteries from personal experience. But I have seen sag on agm batteries high enough to switch off the inverter.

Even on lithiums on a small system you see sag.

But you may be exceeding the battery designed discharge rate a bit there. 109amps is quite high for two gel or agm batteries.

There can be some improvements you can make to help with sag such a shorter runs of cable to the inverter and user larger than recommended cables. And make sure your battery links are also nice and beefy. And of course adding more batteries.

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Dear Alexandra,

Thank you for your reply and excuse my late reply.

I have seen the discharge current is above limits indeed.

For the battery capacity (460)is whitin the specs of what is suggested in the manual, (400-1200Ah) i dont understand wich batteries i should use instead.

For now the system is working well. Battery cable length is short enough and connections are proper.

I will keep an eye open.

Thank you for your tips

Best regards, Piet

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