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CL 12/200 Hook up

I have Smart BMS CL 12/200 and directions aren't clear about connections to the System+ side.

I have a few questions so please answer all of them if you can to alleviate my confusion.

Current System:

CL 12/200

Smart LifePo 200ampH

Dometic RTX 12V DC Air Conditioner.

Looking to add an inverter(not a MultiPlus) and shore power charger and smart Shunt.

Can I run the Air Conditioner and all the other DC devices, such as a DC fuse Block, Inverter, shore power Charger, off the System+ side and hook nothing to the Batt+ except the Smart Shunt and LifePo battery?

Or do I run a Battery buss off the LifePo Battery and run all the DC devices from that?

Some diagrams show an MPPT charger hooking up to the battery as well but can that go to the System+ since it is a charger?

The manual says you can hook up a charger to the system+ but "it will have no charge algorithms applied internally." What does that mean exactly?

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Hi @Emil,

1. See the manual, chapter 2. - Load/battery charger output/input (Power Port System+). You can power them also directly from battery positive. In that case you need ensure that loads are disconnected in the event of low cell voltage, for example by using a Smart BatteryProtect. Air Conditioner depends whether it has a remote on/off port or not. Note that the System+ port is limited to 200A while using a direct battery connection is only limited by the batteries rated discharge/charge current, cables etc.

2. MPPT to battery+ or system+ - it does not matter. Make sure it is controlled by the charge disconnect (in case of high cell voltage, low temperature) of the BMS (see system examples in the manual). This requires either an MPPT with remote on/off connection (which only the larger MPPTs have) or a VE.Direct non inverting remote on/off cable.

3. This means that the charging algorithm of the MPPT must be set.

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Thank you! that helps clear up a few things!
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