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Fallback Settings on MPPT and Inverter for ESS

There are a few scenarios that I believe that systems should continue to work when they don't when a component disconnects.


1. BMS comms is connected and then stops working for some reason (comms loss etc) - solar production completely stops. Surely the fallback settings on the MPPT should ensure that solar production continues and an alarm should be triggered?

2. Energy meter is connected and stops working for some reason (comms loss etc) the system then goes into passthru and solar production continues. The ideal scenario is that system continues to produce solar, metering is reverted to the inverter and alarm is triggered.

There are some more scenarios that are similar to the above where there should be some fallback logic to ensure systems keep working (ESS) but alarms are rather triggered than stopping certain functions.

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For scenario 1.

If the BMS is disconnected then the system should assume that something bad has happened and not continue charge or discharge. Fire and all that is no fun. That being said I have seen systems that have had batteries being physically switched off by curious little fingers (bms still alive) and continue to run for days before being noticed.

And I have many systems with alarms that users ignore (even the serious ones) so at the end of the day a system that "fails safe" is a better way.

The grid meter thing.

I kind of agree with (really one would assume there would only be data loss there) but the programming is probably a bit more complex than that when it is integrated and where it's placement is as for some it is for system control others it is just monitoring. I sort of think in the case of just data capture it could possibly be able to be set to auto sort of like the SOC is between the inverter/bmv can be, then if it did loose comms it could change over to the other source.

The system works well without an energy meter by the way if one was never installed.

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