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Broken inverter, Phoenix 24/1200, help needed

Hello, my inverter suddenly started giving an output of 300VAC, it burned out a couple of small appliances that were connected at the moment... It doesn't give any red alarm light, just the normal operation green LED.

It isn't under warranty and I work with electronics so I opened it to see what is going on.

The board has a burned capacitor and I cant see the value...


I'm going to measure and replace any other damaged component that I can find, but I need to know the reference or value of that burned capacitor to start the shopping list.

Could anyone help me? It is very easy to open the top part of the inverter to chech it, just the top screws on the front and back. Maybe someone has a technical diagram or something.

I'm in a very tight spot right now and I must resolve this economically.

Thank you very much in advance.

Phoenix Inverter
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Are you sure that this capacitor is the reason for this 300VAC?

To me it looks like it is a victim of the high voltage that came from the inverter as it is at the AC output and is rated at 275V.

It is probably something like this one:

Just pick one that is a same size and 275V. Capacitance will be close.

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Until I test the rest of the components I can´t be sure if the capacitor is the culprit or the victim, as you say most likely the problem came to the capacitor, but I need it anyway. I could pick a random value for it but I prefer to stick with the original if possible. If nobody can help me I'll have to test with wathever capacitor I estimate valid. Thanks!

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You can start testing without this capacitor.

This is just filtering cap.

Take it out and look for the reason for that high voltage.

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That's true, I'll start the diagnostics, hope I can find the cause. Thank you very much.
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