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Venus GX - Tank input reverse

How do I reverse the displayed tank levels? They show the opposite right now. When full, they show 0% and when empty they show 100%.

My digital indicator guages show the readings accurately. Just would like to have the Venus match that.


Venus GX - VGX
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I know this isn't answering your question but did you just parallel your sensor with both your digital gauges as well as the Venus inputs. I have and analog gauge that is power with 12V through the ignition and was wondering if you attached the your sender to both the S terminal of your gauge and the + input of the Venus. I don't want to damage the input on the venus if it supplies its own voltage to the sender.

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Have you set them to the correct standard?
The options are European 0-180 Ohm or US 240-30 Ohm - they operate in reverse from one another.

On the "Device list" page select your tank -> Setup -> Standard and then choose Euro or US depending upon what type of senders you have.

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It appears the sensors installed in my trailer don't exactly match either of those, but the Euro is close enough, it's just reversed. Is there a way you can enter your own empty/full resistance values? Seems like that would fix it.

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Those resistance values are based on the industry standard resistance ranges for resistive tank senders. There are no configurable options.
I had not heard of any other resistance ranges than Euro or US before..

One of the two choices should at least make the Empty / Full travel in the right direction though. Is that not the case?

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The US selection does travel in the correct range. My sensors have resistance value of ~110 when empty, and ~5 when full. So the EU range is much closer, just reversed.

Is that something that would be difficult to change in the code on the Venus?


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It probably can be changed in the code, but I'm not the one to offer guidance on this.
Perhaps if you ask over in the Modifications section, someone there might know.

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actually I have the same issue with my boats fuel sensor.

it is reversed,

It looks like the sensor, probably a float, like mine was mounted backwards

so now I know with a 90% full tank I only have 10 % and filling it up, does Mae my tank go 'empty'

So sorry to say you are not unique

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There wouldn't happen to be another terminal on the tank sender it's self which is wired to the "other end" of the resistor to enable the sender to work the other way?
Some senders have a common terminal and then a terminal for each end of travel so that if the sender needs to be physically installed "upside down" the the sender resistance scale direction can be restored.

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No my sender has only 2 termnals

I am used it now...and accepted it..I am not going to empty my fuel tank

BUT next tank I wil install I'll check before I fill

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