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How does EV Charging Station determine exces PV power

Hi guys,

I was reading a user manual for the EV charging station, and in fully automatic mode it utilizes excess solar power to charge the EV.

I would like to better understand what is meant by “excess PV power”? Is this based on the SoC of the battery? Is it based on the current flowing to the battery? There is not much that can be configured from the settings so I would like to understand how the system works, and how it can be altered.

Say I know the weather will be bad for the next 5 days, and I will need to travel so I want to prioritize charging the EV and house battery at the same time, but giving say 80% of the PV to the car and rest to the house.

how to achieve that?



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From what I understand and use, the "excess PV" is known only when exporting excess power to the grid. If the home battery is full, and there is still PV production, and you feed the excess to the grid, then the EV charger will notice that, and start charging the vehicle, probably defining the proper current to allow the vehicle to draw...

I never actually used this mode, as I'd rather charge the home battery AND the vehicle battery at the same time, adjusting power so that the home battery will the nearly full at the end of the day, and the vehicle will have taken what's available when it's available. So instead of going full-power to the home battery, then full-power to the vehicle, I prefer lower power to both at the same time.

I can also obviously plan the charging of both batteries, related to the future weather and vehicle usage...

The feature request for the EV Charging Station would be something along the lines of the above, ie. "make sure the home battery will be almost full this evening", with a variable being "send N% of the PV energy to the home-battery/EV Charger", allowing to plan for future weather/usage.

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