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Does VictronConnect show WATTS geneated or under load?

Trying to understand how victrons smart solar charge controller and the victron connect app work. On the app is the WATTS displayed the WATTS underl load (to charge the battery for example) or the WATTS that the panel is producing before It gets dumped to the batteries or inverter?.

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It's one and the same. An uncharged battery is a load for the charger.

The Watts display is the actual output of the charger. No load no watts. If you had a full battery and no consumption you would have no load and no solar production.

The charger will only output what's required.

Some of the small Victron solar chargers have a "Load Output". The Victron connect app can tell you what the output of that specific port is. Other than that, the big bold number you see is Total output at that given moment.

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Great thanks. Does the watt hours measurement in history work the same? I.e. are the watt hour displayed consumed watt hours or produced WH?
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The only way to get consumed energy is to have one of the small chargers and use the load output for everything connected. If that's not an option you will need a smart shunt to see consumption.

So, not knowing your setup, I can guess what you are seeing is the charger's total produced energy.

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