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Venus OS v2.90~10 available for testing

Good evening!

A new version to test, v2.90~10. Note that this message is a bit late: v2.90~10 has been available as a Release candidate already since May 19th.

Compared to the previous public test version, v2.90~8, this one adds a few fixes as well as some small feature improvements. Also it breaks

Various small changes further adding to the significant ones announced yesterday in v2.90~3.

Plan for v2.90: there will be a few more betas, and testing time ofcourse, before this is released. But no other large changes; to try and keep the timeline to official release reasonable.

All the best and have a good evening, Matthijs

Prior versions:

Change log (compared to v2.86)

v2.90~9 and v2.90~10:

  • Fix the GPS summary. Issue was introduced earlier during v2.90 development.
  • Fix the Scheduled charging %, it said `undefined`. Issued was introduced earlier during v2.90 development.
  • Fix Remote firmware update on VRM, it crashed while during the Device-list. Issue was introduced in v2.90~8.
  • Venus OS Large
    • Update node-red-contrib-victron from 1.4.17 to 1.4.18. For details see its change log.
  • Fix issues relating to Dyness 16-cell batteries, issue introduced per v2.90~3. Note that more changes related to Dyness batteries are coming.
  • NMEA2000-out: add support to AC chargers, such as the Phoenix Smart IP43 charger. Tested with both the 230V as well as 120-240V Phoenix Smart Chargers.
  • Prioritise ethernet over WiFi. Background here. This is done by increasing the metric for WiFi routes.

v2.90~8, ~7 and ~6:

  • add wakespeed support (monitoring). Requires wakespeed firmware which is not available yet! I’ll post the details of that once available. Should be within a few weeks.
  • Improve Bluetooth sensor menu & options (continuous scanning, see all inserted adapters, and more)
  • improve bluetooth radio on Cerbo GX stability: if it malfunctions due to over temperature, the chances of it restarting when cooled down are now higher. But rest stays and will always remain the same for current hardware version: for any serious use, insert a usb bluetooth adapter as per manual.
  • gx lte & gx gsm: Add modem username/password settings, required by some providers
  • various EV Charger improvements (menu, connection stability, VRM)
  • Fix the sign of the current and power for DC meters that are configured as source (except fuel cell and alternator, which were correct). broken since venus v2.80~18
  • Add missing "Inverter only" mode to mobile overview
  • Add support for VE.Bus BMS v2 firmware updates
  • Venus OS Large: fix Node-RED Dashboard button missing on VRM and fix image selection / check for update function in online update menu.


  • HTML5 app: fix white screen issue on MFDs that do not support localStorage, eg. Simrad NSX 3007, 3009 & 3012. Thank you Gustav for reporting.
  • Venus OS Large: fix node-RED dashboard button missing from VRM portal. Thank you houser and others for reporting.
  • VRM: fixes for the Generator control, ESS controls and EV Charging station controls
  • EV Charging Station: stability fixes (also included in v2.86)
  • Inverter/charger connections:
    • add new MultiPlus-II 48/15000/200-100.
    • Fix VE.Bus BMS error path issue
  • RV-C: Fix DC_SOURCE_STATUS_2 temperature field.


  • Prepare for remote configuration of Victron products connected using the VE.Can comms. port: up until now, Remote Configuration is only possible for products connected using VE.Direct, as well as our VE.Bus product range. And this change is the one making up for that missing piece. The corresponding VictronConnect version is also available as a beta, see here.
  • Add support for new Carlo Gavazzi EM530 and EM540 meter. Sub-Family X and PFC is supported, part numbers:
    • EM530DINAV53XS1X
    • EM530DINAV53XS1PFC
    • EM540DINAV23XS1X
    • EM540DINAV23XS1PFC
  • Add option to configure the UI to show all temperatures in Fahrenheit.
  • Fix main battery temperature missing, or wrong value shown, sometimes on the VRM Dashboard.
  • Add Venus OS Large to the standard build. To learn what Venus OS Large is about, read here.
    • Having this in the standard build is rather good news. It (a) removes the need for the large images to now and then be built manually. And (b) you can now, once v2.90~3 is installed, in the menu, select the large image and update to that, see Settings -> Firmware -> Online updates -> Image type (normal vs large). And (c) Venus OS Large can now be updated using the Online update system. However: there seems to be a bug in (b). More news about that later.
    • Note that node-red no longer runs as root.
  • Add various new VE.Bus models (Quattro-IIs and MultiPlus-IIs)
  • Prepare for (or possibly even finish, I'll confirm later) Generator control widget on the VRM Portal website. Note that this includes various underwater changes to clean some things up, which should not make any effect.
  • Add daily tracker history for Inverter RS and Multi RS, including transmission to VRM.
  • Add first implementation of RV-C support. Its mostly RV-C out, ie making information of the Victron system available on the RV-C network where RV systems can pick it up to show in their user interfaces. Detailed spec will be published later.


  • Force good settings for the FreedomWON eTower batteries: DVCC on, SVC and STS off.
  • Better handle BMS disconnection issues: in some cases the solar chargers would not start showing Error #67 when unplugging the BMS. Now they do.
  • Detect Dyness batteries, so they no longer show up under as a Pylon battery. Settings remain the same: DVCC force enabled on, SVS and STS force enabled off.
  • Inverter/chargers: show state as "Ext. control"; instead of Bulk or Absorption, when controlled by a BMS/DVCC. When controlled by a BMS the inverter/charger would never show float, which caused questions. Now it just shows externally controlled, simpler, and more accurate: there is no bulk -> absorption -> float charge algorithm when controlled by BMS.

Less relevant for most users:

  • GX LTE/GX GSM: prepare for allowing user configuration of PPP username and password, which some providers need. Note that this can't be used yet, gui change is pending.
  • Prepare for the new coming model of the VE.Bus BMS, aka VE.Bus BMS v2; including remote firmware updates of the BMS.
  • EV Charging station: add support for future models (AC22NS & AC22E) as well as some other preparations of features that can't be used yet until a future Venus OS beta version.
  • Prepare for Widgets, a feature coming in next version of VRM App for iOS and Android.
  • Update Linux kernel from 5.10.42 to 5.10.109, which updates to LTS for security issues and bug fixes, also adds support for Cerbo B1 and Ekrano, and adds ntfs support.
  • Update Open Embedded Dunfell branches: various fixes to low level systems and tools.
  • Various stability fixes to the xupd & xupc tools (which are part of remote firmware updates)
  • Transmit default gateway to VRM as well as CPU temperature; for debugging.
  • Add pre/post hooks to installation from USB stick:

Known issue (v2.90~10):

  • Per Venus OS v2.86 as well as v2.90~10 or even ~8, EV Charging stations with firmware version older than 1.21 are longer properly detected. The charging station will continuously appear and disappear. A new Venus OS version that fixes this, v2.87, is expected within a few days. Meanwhile as a work around, downgrade the GX device to v2.85. At this moment the system will work again. Now, using Remote firmware updates on VRM, update the Charging station. And thereafter update the GX device back to v2.86 or v2.90~10.

    Proper solution coming soon. Both as v2.87 as well as v2.90~11 or later.
Venus OS
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elvis answered ·

Since there are no posts about 2.90~10 yet I figured I might add something I noticed.

Limit Feed-in Not Checked but Feed-in is Limited.

How can these two options be opposite each other?

Shouldn't Feed-in Limiting active be "NO" if "Limit system Feed-in" is turned off?


feed-in-active.png (19.6 KiB)
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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
Hi @Elvis thank you; fix is underway.
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jw1971 answered ·

I can confirm the remote firmware update via VRM now works in ~10. Just updated a Multiplus to 497 which was failing under ~8.

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
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pau1phi11ips answered ·

Still a minor bug on the Schedule Charging SOC. It shows correctly on the first page. It shows off on the sub-page though and need to turn it on again to change the value.



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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
Hi @pau1phi11ips , thank you as well, fix is underway
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baronner answered ·

Great Work! A minor bug in 2.90.10 (but also in 2.86 and 2.87, so maybe I post this in the wrong topic. Please guide me if that is the case!):

In VRM - Advanced - tile 'Tank Summery" the tank capacity and remaining fluid are after login or refresh displayed in m3, but after a second, m3 suddenly changes to l(iters). Displaying in liters is the expected behavior, but then the value has to be multiplied by 1000. See picture below.


1654261182305.png (33.9 KiB)
1654261252952.png (34.0 KiB)
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pwfarnell avatar image pwfarnell commented ·

There are several of us who have raised this issue with VRM displaying the correct units and values for a few seconds and then changing. For those of us with tanks below 500litres VRM always ends up reading zero. It is obviously a unit conversion error somewhere in the code for the tank widgets.

I have given up trying to get this sorted, Victron staff have commented in some of the threads.

It is not a V2.90-10 issue per se, I am still on V2.85 and I get this error.

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ pwfarnell commented ·

Hi both, the tank level unit issue on vrm is now fixed. Thank you for raising it

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dereppsteiner answered ·

Now i have v2.87 on my device. BT Sensor ruuvi dont Work. Why?

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
sorry, that is too little info to help you with that. For any follow-ups, best not post them here since v2.90~10 is now closed.
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pleriche answered ·

In the large image for 2.90~10 the setting for "Limit system feed-in" doesn't seem to stick. If I set it to this:


... and then go out of the menu and back in, then it reverts to this:


I have not tested the small image.

Thank you for making the large image more easily accessible. I have been playing with Node-RED and it is great.

1654586175444.png (25.3 KiB)
1654586195686.png (22.2 KiB)
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Paul Test avatar image Paul Test commented ·

Can confirm this with the small image.

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ Paul Test commented ·
Fixed in v2.90~12
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Kevin Windrem avatar image
Kevin Windrem answered ·

I’m looking at the new DC System calculations in light of addition of Fuel Cell and Alternator devices. (Alternator was added in v2.90~11. Fuel Cell was part of v2.80-something.)

In the past DC System would show all DC bus power not accounted for by other devices: battery, PV Chargers, Multi/Quattro. So other devices like any DC loads, AC chargers or DC-DC chargers would show up in the DC System tile on the overviews.

Fuel Cell and Alternator are not subtracted from the DC system power number but not shown on the overviews. This can lead to a significant amount of power missing from the overview display.

I suppose there are two solutions to this: add tiles for these parts of the system or have the DC System tile add those numbers back in to what is displayed.

Adding tiles to the standard flow overview really isn’t possible since all space is accounted for. Yes, tiles could be reduced in size but my GuiMods fills them up with voltage, current, or multiple devices for a specific type (e.g. PV Charger). I tried removing them when I enhanced the Grid Parallel flow overview and dropped the standard flow overview and many people wanted the details restored. So I really don’t have a solution to offer.

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mvader (Victron Energy) avatar image mvader (Victron Energy) ♦♦ commented ·
I'll make sure we get that sorted Kevin. Thanks
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