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Smart Shunt communication with MultiPlus II 3000/2x120

I’m getting prepared to start installing my system in my 5th Wheel trailer in the next couple of days. I purchased the MultiPlus II 3000/2x120 and VE.Bus Smart Dongle.

I did not want a monitor panel and just plan to use the Victron Connect app to monitor and basic configuration of the system.

I’m using DIY LifePO4 batteries with Daly SmartBMS’s.

I’m not ready to install solar yet and there will not be any other charging sources in the system, including the tow vehicle.

I don’t want to install a monitor panel since I don’t ever use the Xantrex Freedom X panel currently in my trailer and haven’t purchased any other components because I was told I didn’t need anything else.

After realizing that there are 12v components that bypass the inverter I realized that I should get a shunt to make sure I have the most accurate data for my LifePO4 batteries and decided to get the SmartShunt so I could see it’s data using the Victron Connect app.

Now that I’m reading the Smart Shunt documentation, I don’t see anything on how to configure it to communicate with the MultiPlus and actually I don’t see any info on how to use a shunt with the MultiPlus at all. Since I wasn’t planning to use one, I didn’t do a ton of advance research because it was literally a decision I made today.

So, will the Smart Shunt work with the MultiPlus II 3000/2x120 and/or how do you configure the MultiPlus to use it or any other Shunt?

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You need a Cerbo GX. Should have bougth that instead of the VE.Bus Smart Dongle.

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The multi plus will work independently of the shunt in your system. The Shunt will show the battery state, and the Multiplus will sense from the battery voltage when to shut down. If you need the multiplus to read battery voltage, current etc from the shunt, then a venus os device (GXCC or Raspberry Pi) will be needed. Multiplus uses VEbus, and the shunt VEdirect - 2 different communication protocols. with the Venus OS, the BMS can also be integrated into the data system.

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