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Mock-up comparable system to Sol-Ark 15k using Victron gear?

I'm researching systems for my whole-home grid-interactive solar+battery system. I've really enjoyed using other smaller Victron components and am trying to compose a system that would meet my needs. The reference I've found that can do these things is the new Sol-Ark 15k. Some capabilities:

- US-North America 120/240v (split-phase) grid interconnected.
- Controllable grid-interactive profiles (sell-back, peak shaving, etc).
- AC or DC coupled solar capability
- 48v Battery support (with interactivity to LiFePO4 BCMs)
- 100A+ load pass-through for normal operation
- Peak loads are around 8-10k (oven and/or stovetop).
- typical runtime household load is in the .5-4kw range.

Right now, I'm trying to piece together the inverter-charger aspect (setting aside solar for now) and not sure if I can do this with Victron gear.
Would I be able to use Quattro IIs for this? Would it make more sense to parallel inverters (to get more total passthrough amperage)? Does a parallel output going into an auto-transformer give me more capability (in a home with both 120 and 240v loads) than simply having each inverter drive one leg of the split phase?

Any other thoughts on an apples/apples comparison? Victron quality and support are attractive, but I ultimately need to build a system that meets my needs.

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Charger48v batterysplit phase
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Without doing a whole load of research on the Sol-Ark product range, it would not be fair to compare.
With regard to your question about parallel with autotransformer or split phase configuration. I would have thought with a split phase network supply to your home then a split phase configuration with two MultiPlus / Quattro would be the best. Paralleling two units would mean that they can only connect to one incoming leg.
The next thing is to verify that a MultiPlus or Quattro that you choose is type tested for your region. For the US I think they use some sort of UL? certificate system if I'm not completely mistaken?
Maybe best to check the certificates section to see if any models that you are interested in are type tested for network connection in your area:

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Good points: ul1741 is the spec for grid inter-operations and safety standards. The challenge in the US is that boaters and campervan owners love Victron, but no-one in the residential solar industry seems to want to get it certified.

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The certification process in any country is a long road.

A product has t be submitted to the certification bodies and it's like a black hole, complete radio silence whilst they drink their coffee and eat their doughnuts whilst contemplating whether or not to do a day's worth of certifying or not. The outcome is usually to not do any certifying and leave it for another day of contemplation. Months later, they might have done a little bit of certifying and decide that they have some queries for the manufacturer. The manufacturer will eagerly respond and then they will contemplate this.
The cycle continues for a mind bending amount of time before a certification is issued.
I'd love to visit a certification laboratory to get an isight into what really happens in there.

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