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Self consumption global link smart solar and bmv shunt

I have a system with smart solar 100/50, bmv-712 smart shunt, lead carbon 212ah (12v in parallell) and a global link 520 installed with three 330w solar panels in different directions, two on the roof and one on the wall (for winter sun, daylight only three ours in december). All cable wiring is done with 35mm2 cables. The + is connected to a bus bar for consumers in the cabin e.g lights. The victron components are connected directly to the battery and the minus side of the battery to the shunt.

I have a breaker to switch off all consumers in the cabin. When leaving the cabin for winter, only the victron equipment are running. I noticed that the reported amperage drawing is between 0.09 to 0.1 amps during the night when solar panels are not producing. When reading the specifications of the smart solar 100/50 the draw is 30mah, for the Bmv 1mah and the global link 20mah which would lead to a self consumption of 51mah or 0.051a. As it seems from the reported self consumption my system consumes between 90 to 100mah which would lead to roughly 2 amp draw each 24 hours during winter time. I'm concerned this might cause my batteries to be drained if bad weather for long time period.

I also noticed that the RSSI signal of the Global link to be -93db, could this affect the power draw to increase due to low signal, for the globallink trying to increase the signal and draw more power? The temperature in the cabin can be below -30 degrees in winter, and I'm concerned the batteries may be discharged or freeze if the self consumption is to high.

Any feedback is appreciated!

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