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MultiPlus-II GX Zigbee Meter

Can the MultiPlus-II GX range accept meter input via Zigbee, like the other GX devices can?

If so, is about 15m range and 3 walls going to be an obstacle for the wireless comms?

I’m trying to figure out what to buy to get the setup I need. The MultiPlus-II will be in my shed next to the Smartsolar charge controller, PV panels, and batteries. The meter is in the middle of the house and I can’t easily run a new cable from it, so I want a wireless-capable meter. I’m guessing the ET-112 will be the best choice here. The CT clamp must be connected directly to the MultiPlus if used, so that’s not an option. Or can a standalone GX device accept input from a CT clamp?

I already have an Aeotec ZWave CT clamp meter feeding data into Home Assistant, but I don’t think I could use that unless I run the Venus OS on raspberry pi and do something bespoke - would prefer not to go that route.

ESSEnergy Metermultiplus ve.bus
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Yes the wireless unit works very well in close range in metal enclosure believe it or not.

They have range in the open of 1.5km

As i sell the Zigbee units, some i just use the stubby aerials or the long range aerials.

They are use with all kinds of RS485 networks CT for Fronius, Huawei,Victron etc.

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Thanks - sounds like the Zigbee would by my best option then, if I choose to get the ET-112.
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