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Peak Shaving Setup

I have 2 Quattros, a Cerbo, & a Smartshunt. I'm integrating them into my existing system, replacing dual Trace SW4048s. The rest of the system is a 30kwh LiFePO4 battery with its own BMS, an AC-coupled PV inverter, and DC solar panels with their own Outback charge controllers. Split-phase 120/240, approved for Net Metering (my system feeds power into the grid) by my utility.

We have different $ rates for times of day: highest ('peak') rate 4pm to 9pm (16:00 to 21:00), a mid-peak 15:00 to 16:00 and 21:00 to 00:00. So the lowest $ rate is 'off-peak' which is 00:00 to 15:00.

I'll charge from the grid during off-peak, and sell any excess made by the sun during off-peak. Then I'll 'sell' to the grid (feed-in to the grid) from the batteries ONLY during peak. I want to discharge the batteries nearly completely (down to 10%) during those 5 hours of peak.

If I charge my batteries from 00:00 until 15:00, starting at 00:00, I can be certain I'll have full charge available when it is time to sell to the grid at 16:00, regardless of the weather or what loads during the day might consume power in my house during the day.

Using ESS, I see I can schedule battery charging. But what about battery selling to the grid? What setting (somewhere else in ESS? outside of ESS?) will keep the batteries full, running loads only from my solar and from the grid, during off-peak, so the batteries can then deliver their full charge during peak?

This kind of peak-shaving schedule stuff is pretty common with utility companies here in California. How do other people set this up with their Victron's?

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We also have a question about Peak Shaving Algoritm. Please find attached images with our question:


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@SilverFox @Ingenieriadelsol

The only way currently to have time based switching between grid draw and feedback is with node red.

A simple way to feedback from battery is to shift the grid set point to negative if you don't have solar.

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