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MPPT shows in App but not on Display/Cerbo


Problem: The MPPT shows up in the Connect App, the MultiPlus does not (OK, I use the USB converter)

But: the MPPT does not show on the Display nor the Cerbo Device list

Any clue how to make the system Scan and find or add the MPPT or any settings which makes it appear? (Tried all obvious things)


System with Cerbo GX, PowerMeter, MultiPuls II and MPPT

Fresh install, all FW updated, all conntected vie VE.bus and terminated. ESS assitant installed and configured.

Multiplus-IIMPPT Controllerscerbo gxgx devicedashboard display
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Do you have VE Direct cables between each mppt and cerbo?

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Okay, thank you, that directed me in the correct direction.

The empty was plugged into the ve.bus, but practically it has a ve.can.

Changed the cabling:

- cerbo->mppt via ve.can

- cerbo->multiplus via be.bus

Here we go! The question is whether I should try to get a cable? Does it make things better?


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klim8skeptic avatar image klim8skeptic ♦ techmaniac commented ·
If it is working, leave it as is.

I dont see any advantage using VE Direct over VE Can.

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Warwick Bruce Chapman avatar image Warwick Bruce Chapman klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·
Especially since the only advantage of using VE.Direct will fall away with 2.90 (remote configuration via VictronConnect).
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