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Shunt showing negative with nothing connected

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e9654b2f-3a00-4f1a-9142-ff5934537ba7.pngImage CaptionHi guys, hope someone can help share some advice. I’m a bit stumped with my Victron smart shunt. Previously installed it, was working like a charm. Recently post a camping trip the smart shunt appears to have stopped working correctly. I use Lifepo4 battery and kings battery box. The shunt continues to show negative, even when I turn the battery box off - so there is nothing pulling energy.

I thought I was having issues with the solar charger today (it was showing 2amp below what I was reading on the regulator). But then noticed when nothing was attached I’m getting -2amp+.

Does anyone know why this may be?

Any help will

Be greatly appreciated! I haven’t been able to find this issue online. I’ve tripled checked my wiring - it’s odd because I haven’t changed anything and it was working great before a few days ago.

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klim8skeptic avatar image klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·
Your topic reads as nothing connected but pic's show negative connection at the system side of the shunt, and the smart shunt is still running.

8% battery @12.97v seems inaccurate.

Have you disconnected the system side of the shunt and done a zero/calibration?

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warnemet avatar image warnemet klim8skeptic ♦ commented ·
Initial calibration was at 100% SOC. I’ve got this attached to a battery box with the main switch in the off position.

It was working fine for a while, now it’s showing the same result (2 amp draw with nothing attached)

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Rob Fijn avatar image Rob Fijn warnemet commented ·
Calibration will go automaticly, if settings are set correctly.

To know for sure that your main DC switch is good, disconnect the negative-load side. Or use an amp-clamp to verify.

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