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What is the best solution for ESS on a 3 phase 230V IT (delta) network?

Our house has three phase 230V IT network with no Neutral. (3x63A). All the loads in the house are 1 phase and distributed ca. evenly. I know that Victron doesn't support Delta-network configuration, but what other options are possible? I was thinking out loud:

1) Just put one big inverter on one of the phases and run ESS on only this phase. And move the loads most critical / for optimizing to this phase, and let the other phases live a separate life (no optimalization / backup power on these).

2) Mount 3 separate ESS systems with 3 inverters - one for each phase. 3 cerbo's and 3 completely separate solutions, but powered from the same battery / PV system.

3) Use two big inverters in 120 degrees split phase, and try to distribute the loads on the two main phases, since the third is a virtual phase that draws power from the first two. Run ESS on this.

4) Using a large transformer changing our house input to real, 400V three phase with neutral. I don't like this solution since the transformer consumes too much power due to inefficiency.

Do anyone have any suggestions regarding this? Or other solutions? I know there are other brands which support 3P/230V IT, but I love Victron ;-)

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