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.rvms file needs to be opened on a Mac without Windows emulation, are there options?

Our Multiplus had a firmware update pending. I thought I was being careful but failed to realize that the update would create a .rvms file that needs to be uploaded from a piece of software that is not available for a Mac. The firmware instructions included this

"At this moment the first stage is complete. Next you’ll need to open the provided file in VE.Bus System Configurator by double clicking it. The settings will automatically be converted to the new firmware version; and a popup will show in case anything needs double checking. When finished, close the Configurator, it will prompt to store the file."

I ran the first phase of the firmware update at night. As far as I know everything has gone smoothly enough to this point. I have the .rvms file but no way readily apparent way to upload it. The Multiplus restarted automatically and now reports as inverting.

Our installation is used on a camper and includes the Multiplus 12/3000/120, (2) solar charge converters, SmartShunt, Cerbo GX, and the display panel for the GX . It also includes a DC-DC charger that is ready for use camper-wise but not towing-vehicle-wise.

What are the options here?

Your advice is appreciated! Thank you!

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Paul B answered ·

You need a different computer - copy the file to a USB drive and take it to a friends place and install ve configure on his computer and do the files conversion then re upload it to the system via the vrm.

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Thank you @Paul B, your suggestion should be workable. I was scratching my head this morning trying to figure out if I know any PC users well enough to commandeer their computers for an unknown length of time. The best case is naturally just a few minutes but kinda like paving roads with good intentions...

On the technical side, what is involved in "do the files conversion"?

Thanks again!

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the converstion only takes a few secounds but you do need to install the victron software .

Not also below that you sent some pictures re the changing of the max shore power , this cant be changed in the cerbo if you have a VE-BMS or a DMC installed you also cant remotley switch on and off as well.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hi @minus1psi,

I use Parallels with Windows 11 on my Mac to run VE.Configure. It works well.

There is a more information here -

It is now also possible to use VictronConnect natively on a Mac to make most settings adjustments - you might want to try that first to see if you can get the system back to the way you want it (before all the downloads of Windows et al). Note this involves using an MK3-USB adapter - which you might not have.

Note this won't involve importing your .RMVS file, you will need to know the settings and set them yourself in the software.

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Thank you @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) !

In general I would prefer to make the adjustments manually. The original install was done by someone else. I am not sure what to change.

There is also the matter of getting access to the settings. Right now the only access is via through a web browser on the local network at IP (which I think is a Cerbo GX thing). The Multiplus dos not appear in the VictronConnect device list. See bottom screenshot.

With the available access there is some kind of technical roadblock to editing the settings. Please see the first two screen grabs below. Our camper is sitting in our driveway not connected to shore power. If for any reason we needed to connect it, the circuit would be 20A. Since updating the firmware the Multiplus is set to allow 50A of current input. When I change the setting, it immediately reverts to 50A.

Attempting to edit a value


The changed setting immediately reverts


Multiplus does not show up in device lists on VictronConnect


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Unlike the VRM remote ve.configure method that requires a GX device and VE.Configure,

Using VictronConnect with a MultiPlus requires an MK3-USB dongle - which you might not have. More info about that here. If you don't have that dongle accessory, then this alternative isn't an option.

Probably easiest to find a friend who can convert this file for you.

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