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Victron multiplus compact firmware issues

i have a caravan purchased in 2016 it had 400ah of lithium and a victron multiplus 2000 12/80 (software# 2608154). i have since upgraded to 600 AH of lithium batteries and configured the inverter accordingly via VE configure 3 and a mk3 usb adapter without drama. i have also fitted a second multiplus 2000 12/80 (software#2608481) now and configured it to match the 600 ah of lithium. i was wanting to run these two in parallel so i updated the new inverter to software # 2608494 and attempted to do the same to my original inverted.

the problem.

the original inverter will not update vai victron connect (comes up saying that its not a 200/ 260 or above series (even though it is) and to update via VEflash.

attempted to update via VEflash and it will not connect even when following it step by step.

i even tried to match the new unit to the old units firmware but i cannot find it available on the professional portal.

please help!!!

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