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How to show a new device in the remote console?

I now have a myPV AC ELWA-E water heater installed in our house. With it, we are using excess PV power for heating our daily water for shower and cooking instead of feeding it into the grid.

My question is if I am able to show this new device in the remote console.
Is there a programming example somewhere showing how to do that?

Would be nice to show the power consumption of the heater separate from the other "AC loads".

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Hi @RalfZ

I'm doing some of the same, but have not made everything appear the way I want yet.

If you have DC heating elements I think you can use a smart shunt, or AC use a grid meter. I have AC so I test out use with an Eastron SDM120M and library from @ThomasW. and GuiMods from @Kevin Windrem both posted here on the forum.

For now, I get decent info, but lacks something detailed from the tile in the remote console.

I do not know much about how this works yet, but maybe someone has suggestions on how this can be solved if it is at all possible.


AC Loads 58W is just a small load for testing



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I believe the "Loads on AC output" is for the AC 2 output on Multis/Quatros. GuiMods is simply reporting what is provided by syscalc.

The integration with DC meters has not been added by Victron. A DC meter will show up in the device list but it is not factored in to syscalc as a separate power source/load and will appear in the DC System numbers. This will change as soon as DC meter integration is completed. At that point, other system level objects will be available to display in at least the DC system detail in GuiMods. The same goes for alternator, wind and DC-DC converters.

I'm not sure what Victron plans for AC meters. Maybe the same as DC meters, may be something different.

In order to integrate your own device that doesn't fall into a DC meter or AC meter category, you'd need to modify the GUI pages to pull out that device's information and display it somewhere. If desired, its own tile would need to be created and space found for it, probably displacing other tiles.

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This is already possible since Venus OS 2.80

You can use the Carlo Gavazzi meters to measure AC loads.

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