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How to configure solar controller *AND* a DC/DC charger without always broadcasting over bluetooth?

It was recommended that I start a new thread to ask this question:

If you have bluetooth devices that are actively transmitting, is it possible for anyone with a cellphone to detect that you have such equipment in your RV? I would think so, but please correct me if I'm wrong. They don't need to have the Victron bluetooth app, or know your bluetooth password, they could simply see devices appear in their bluetooth settings. If you have expensive Victron equipment, you may have other things of value as well. For that reason, I would like to be able to enable bluetooth on my Victron equipment when I need it (probably not often) and keep it turned off otherwise. Does this make sense?

I know that there is a BlueSolar MPPT 100/30 controller, and that I could attach/detach a dongle when I wanted to enable bluetooth. I also *think* that I could use an external MPPT display/control unit via the VE.Direct communications port (once again, correct me if I'm wrong).

However, I'm also considering an isolated DC/DC charger made by Victron. The "non-smart" version of 12V Orion-Tr 12V converter seems to have very limited configurability, with no ports for a bluetooth dongle or VE.Direct external display/monitor. The English user manual is less than half a page! On the other hand, the "smart" version of this device has a user manual longer than "Pride and Prejudice", with a good number of features that can be configured. However, it seems necessary to have bluetooth permanently enabled to do this. It seems that in order to be able to have the extra configurability, I'd always need to be broadcasting over bluetooth.

Are my concerns about broadcasting over bluetooth justified? Is there an easy way to enable/disable bluetooth on the MPPT controller AND the DC/DC charger? I'd rather not carry around a Windows laptop with a USB cable to enable/disable bluetooth. If I can't easily enable/disable bluetooth, is there another (relatively inexpensive) way to configure both of these devices with bluetooth disabled?

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For the BlueSolar you can use the Bluetooth dongle but I'm not sure about the Orion-Tr Smart.

Since there is no button or port I would guess there is no way to re-enable the Bluetooth after turning it off.

The only way I see at the moment is that you disconnect the DC input to shut down the Orion completely.

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