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3 Orion-TR-Smart 12/12 30A communicating over Bluetooth

With 3 Orion-TR Smart 12/12V 30A's paralleled, how does communicating over Bluetooth work with selecting each device individually to set them up, do they appear as unique device names? Anything else required for 3 devices on the same 12V bus?

Thank You.

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Each device will be listed and managed separately. They will not talk to each other. Devicenames are unique and can be changed but they need to be unique.

I built 2 vans electrical systems with 3 Orions each. If you have an Euro6 alternator, you need to know the behavior of it to find the right settings to get autodetected by orion, standard settings won't work at VW Crafter/ MAN TGE die example.

And carefully watch the temperature inside the alternator, even they are called "smart" they are not watching its own temperature, escpecially at low RPM this will come to troubles.

On alternator side each orion is drawing constantly 40 A. In total 120 A will heat up cabeling an fuses, take dimensioning advices in manual seriously

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Awesome info. Question: How is it they are drawing 40A on the input? How much current are you seeing on the output per device? Our source is 120A max. Was hoping to current limit at 90A total output after these devices.

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Ther 2 facts, why amperage in input is higher than 30A:

1. The max power is 440W, means 30A at 14.4V.

Input night be lower voltage (in my case voltage can be 12.65V until Orion is stopping) means 35A at 12.65V in theory

2. Efficiency of Orion TR itself. This will result into 40A current in input side

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Why is the voltage so low from your Alternator? 12.6V? you should be seeing more like float or bulk charge voltages. 12.6 is FLA at rest. Are you running a smart alternator that is reducing voltage that far down to conserve energy?

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