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Charging profile for EFB lead acid?

I just bought an MPPT 100/15 as an upgrade to my system but disappointed to find there's no profile for lead acid batteries. Expected more from such a high quality controller.

I'm using a varta LFD90 EFB battery but the manufacturer does not supply any data for a charging profile.

Can I use one of the default gel profiles or will it damage the battery by staying too long in the absorbtion stage?

It's for a micro camper for occasional weekend use that will have an 80w panel on the roof which I want to use to ensure the leisure battery gets a more complete charge than the split charging system can give it.

Been all through the website and this forum and found very little information that wasn't vague or unhelpful.

I can't believe victron would sell this product without even considering that someone might want to use it with lead acid leisure batteries!

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Matthias Lange - DE avatar image Matthias Lange - DE ♦ commented ·
Victron can't create a charging profile for every battery type and it is not Victrons fault that there is no datasheet for the battery you bought.
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kevgermany avatar image kevgermany ♦♦ commented ·
Why are you blaming Victron for Varta's failure to provide the information about their batteries? First stop should be Varta's tech department to get the necessary information.

Standard lead acid works well on AGM profiles. Apart from lithium, there are also Spiral Cell and OPzS profiles, which will charge at slightly lower voltages. If that doesn't suit, you can configure yourself, once you know the right values.

I did some web research. All marketing. But all saying (my words) fit instead of standard (AGM). And this in truck/automotive applications where you don't have chargers designed for leisure/solar use, but have alternators which operate at constant high voltage, or smart alternators which go from very low voltage to very high voltage.

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helzy avatar image helzy commented ·

I too have a varta lfd90 battery and was just wondering what preset you went for in the end please. I have just installed a 12v dc to dc 18amp charger and was thinking agm......but now confused dot com !

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