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DC/DC Converter to power MultiPlus inverter

I’m interested in MultiPlus Inverter/Charger. From the AC + DC system for vehicle document , I obtained the following wiring diagram:


In the design of my vehicle electrical system, I have a DC/DC Converter 350VDC to 24VDC/208A. The converter is outputting continuous 5kW power. I intended to use the MultiPlus as an Inverter to supply all the AC components, and I saw the recommended input for the inverter is using battery banks. However, I’m curious to know if it is possible that I can use the existing DC/DC converter to supply 24 V power to the MultiPlus inverter instead of using battery banks. Please advise me if the above solution is achievable, and I would also like to know if there are any other alternative solutions.

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The Multi assumes a battery at it's DC input.

The Multi requires an extremely low impedance power source on it's DC input. That source must be constant or the Multi will report a high ripple alarm or low voltage alarm.

The Multi will attempt to charge the battery if it has an AC input. So your DC-DC converter might not like that.

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Hi Kevin, Thanks for your reply. Now, I want to treat the DC-DC converter as a secondary alternator to charge the battery bank. From my research, I know the normal charging voltage is around 28.8 to 29.3 Volts for a 24V AGM or some flooded batteries. Can Orion-Tr Smart DC-DC charger do the magic for me? If I supply Orion-Tr with a constant 24VDC, can it still charge the battery bank?

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I believe so. Programming would be via VictronConnect and a quick look at a demo device shows you can select a battery type then customize the charging profile.
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